US COVID-19 Cases Hit 40 Million As Delta Strain Goes Wild

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US COVID-19 cases reached an ominous milestone during the weekend as it registered 40 million. More than a year after the detection of the virus, and more than 6 months after vaccines became available, COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc across the United States. 

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US COVID-19 Cases Hit 40 Million As Delta Variant Continues To Spread

The US recorded its 40 millionth COVID-19 patient, last weekend as the country suffers under the fourth wave of virus infections. The deadly Delta variant is responsible for a majority of the new cases. 

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Aside from 40 million US COVID-19 cases, the country also logged 651,690 deaths.  Sunday alone saw the listing of 35,355 new cases and 279 deaths. This is according to data from the latest NBC News coronavirus tally. 

The US COVID-19 Vaccine Program

With more than 330 million in total population, the US vaccinated around 62% of its population or 207 million Americans. From the 207 million, around 175 million received the full dosage, which usually meant two shots given a few weeks apart. 

However, even as vaccination rates went up since July, many Americans still remain unwilling to get a vaccine. At present, no state or territory managed to hit the 70% target.

At this point, the vaccination program is nowhere near its peak last April. Back then, as many as 3 million Americans were receiving vaccines every day. 

Fourth Wave

The country is currently in the midst of a fourth wave spurred by the highly contagious Delta variant. Many experts believe that improved vaccination rates could have prevented this latest wave.

Instead, many hospitals and medical centers across the US are now swamped with increased infection rates. For example, Montana’s Billing clinic is now operating at 150% capacity. As a result, the state is now calling on the National Guard for help. 

Meanwhile, hospitals are treating an average of 100,000 COVID-19 cases a day. This is now the highest number of daily US COVID-19 cases since the winter of last year.

Bear in mind that last winter, vaccines were not available to the public. Going back to the present, hospitals are now facing a nursing staff crisis.

Much medical staff is feeling burnout more than a year into the pandemic. Many took the opportunity to retire or quit as the virus remains out of control. 


Florida Hit Hardest In August

Florida is among the states that posted the highest number of COVID-19 cases last month. By the last of August, the state averaged more than 22,000 cases a day.

Presently, the numbers have subsided, and Florida is now reporting only 19,000 daily cases. The recovery may prove fleeting, however as health experts fear that the Labor Day Weekend might lead to new outbreaks.

In addition, the later stages of summer mean many college students are returning to their schools. 

Many infectious disease experts say Florida taught a number of lessons for the country regarding COVID-19. The highly contagious Delta strain accounted for nearly all new cases.

Despite the state’s above-average vaccine rates, Florida reopened businesses and schools while fighting off mask mandates.

The state also threatened businesses with fines if they continue to refuse business from unvaccinated customers and those who refuse to wear masks. 

Watch the MSNBC video reporting that US COVID-19 cases now top 40 million as Mu variant emerges:

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