Riffing it up with The Wellness Navigation Podcast [PODCAST]

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Riffing it up with The Wellness Navigation Podcast

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Patrick gets the opportunity to hang with his friends Michael Hernandez and Mitch Harbaugh, hosts of The Wellness Navigation Podcast. We have been talking about doing an episode for a while and luckily the stars and schedules aligned to meet up in the dungeon of South Tampa CrossFit to record some wellness podcast gold. Mitch and Mike have over 30 years combined in the health and wellness industry and possess a wealth of knowledge in subjects including breathwork, functional movement, weight training, mental and emotional wellness etc. it was incredible to record with these two men and we are looking forward to future collaborations and projects with The Wellness Navigation Podcast. Stay tuned to the end we have a special breathwork treat for everyone performed by Mitch. Huge shout out to South Tampa CrossFit for letting us use the space for this show. If you are in Tampa and want a great workout check them out.

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