9 Sencha Green Tea Benefits | What is Sencha?

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Sencha green tea is one of the most famous types of green tea in Japan. With all its potential health benefits, as well as its rich, soothing flavor, it can make for a perfect tea to begin your day.

Learn more about Sencha green tea and its benefits below.

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Sencha Green Tea Guide | Flavor, Types, and Health Benefits

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What Is Sencha?

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Like matcha, Sencha is a Japanese ryokucha or Japanese green tea. It's a variety of green loose leaf tea that you can consume either hot or iced. It's made from the leaves of small trees called Camellia sinensis or tea plant.

Unlike teas from China which are pan-fired, Japanese tea leaves are steamed after picking. Afterward, they are rolled and dried.

This process prevents oxidation or the deterioration of quality. It also locks in the flavor and color of the leaves. With this, Sencha green tea is able to retain its ingredients and nutritional value.

What Flavor Is Sencha Green Tea?

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Sencha may be one of the most versatile teas in the world. This is because depending on how you steam it, Sencha can have different flavors, ranging from astringent to sweet. The taste can also vary based on the season or when the leaves are harvested.

But generally, Sencha tends to have a fresh, vegetal, grassy, or earthy flavor, and it's less nutty and toasty.

What Are the Types of Sencha Green Tea?

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Sencha has various types, differentiated by how they're cultivated and how long they're steamed. Some of the most popular varieties are the following:

  • Asamushi: This sencha green tea is lightly brewed, around 20-30 seconds. This process leads to a more delicate tea with leaves that are unbroken and look clean. It also has a mild taste and bright yellowish-green color.
  • Fukamushi: This type is steamed for 60 seconds. And since it's steeped longer, the tea leaves become broken, resulting in a bold, strong taste and dark green color.
  • Chumushi: This is a combination of fukamushi and asamushi. This variety is usually steamed for 30-60 seconds, is yellowish-green in color, and has a mild buttery taste.
  • Shincha: This sencha green tea is also called “new tea”. It's harvested during springtime and tends to have a sweet flavor.

What Are Sencha Green Tea Benefits?

1. May Boost Your Energy Levels

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Generally, green teas like Sencha have caffeine and antioxidants, which are effective in providing you with more energy. These properties may also clear your mind and enhance your productivity, even if you're not getting adequate sleep.

Additionally, if you don't wish to experience caffeine withdrawal, Sencha green tea is a better option. This drink contains an amino acid, called L-Theanine, which calms and rejuvenates your body.

Therefore, the caffeine content in Sencha gives you a boost of energy that's also steady and relaxing at the same time.

2. May Improve Your Cholesterol

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Sencha green tea is believed to lower your cholesterol levels. Its main ingredient, the catechin, slows down the accumulation of fat. In turn, bad cholesterol is removed from your bloodstream, lowering your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

So, individuals with a family history of heart problems may incorporate Sencha green tea into their daily routine.

3. May Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

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Surprisingly, Sencha green tea contains fluoride. This compound remineralizes your teeth and prevents tooth decay. It can also get rid of bad breath and fight harmful microbes in your mouth.

These make Sencha green tea beneficial for your overall dental health.

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4. May Increase Your Metabolism

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Drinks that contain caffeine, including green tea, may boost your metabolic rate, making them an effective fat burner. In effect, they may help you achieve your weight loss goals, especially when you pair them with workouts.

Sencha green tea has less caffeine content than coffee. But it has more caffeine compared with other types of tea, such as black and ready-to-drink teas.

5. May Exercise Your Brain

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Several studies have proven that the caffeine and L-Theanine found in green tea can increase your brain function. These natural stimulants can rewire your neural connections and help reduce oxidative stress in your brain.

This makes Sencha helpful in keeping you mentally sharp and reducing your risk of cognitive impairment.

A study also shows that green tea can protect your neurons and regenerate nerve cells. This can help prevent dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.

6. May Support Your Skin Health

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The antioxidant in Sencha green tea may help you get glowing, radiant skin. It may also help prevent pimples and keep your skin looking young.

Additionally, it helps prevent wrinkles and slow down aging by keeping your skin hydrated.

7. May Fight Free Radicals

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Another benefit of antioxidants is in neutralizing free radicals.

Free radicals are atoms that are unstable and harmful. They cause damage to your cells, which then leads to the development of health conditions, such as cancer.

And since Sencha is rich in antioxidants, it makes for a great tea against the Big C.

In addition, the compounds in Sencha, called polyphenols, stimulate the death of cancerous cells.

8. May Reduce High Blood Pressure Levels

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Research shows that green tea may reduce systolic blood pressure or SBP. This pressure is a more frequent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases compared with diastolic blood pressure (DBP). This reduction can help prevent putting so much stress on your heart.

So, if you're at risk of hypertension, Sencha green tea consumption may be a natural remedy.

9. May Help Maintain Healthy Immune System

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The antioxidant and vitamin C content of Sencha makes it effective in strengthening your immune system. It can defend your body against infections by enhancing the production of white blood cells.

Additionally, Sencha green tea may help alleviate symptoms of colds and flu. This can help prevent the progression of these illnesses into life-threatening diseases, like pneumonia.

Check out this video by Mei Leaf to learn how to brew Sencha green tea:

Sencha green tea has low to moderate caffeine levels, which can be a booster without wrecking your sleep. It has vibrant shades of green, a refreshing taste, and a whole range of health benefits.

When coupled with a healthy diet and a regular workout, this drink may improve your quality of life.

So, start infusing those Sencha green tea leaves, and enjoy them either hot or cooled.

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