After-Dribble (A Common Problem For Men)

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Not only do men have to suffer largely by after-dribble or post-micturition dribble but it may also affect women too. It may befall at any age. With men, after dribble or post micturition dribble usually take place when a man feels few drops of urine discharging after urination. On the other side, it usually takes place rapidly in the case of women as soon as they got up from the toilet. This activity is unwilling and happens as a result of urine remaining in the urethra after urination.

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After-Dribble (A Common Problem For Men)Man wants to pee and is holding his bladder-After-Dribble

After-Dribble, also known as Post Micturition Incontinence refers to a state where the bladder does not get vacant entirely while you urinate and by contrast, the urine accumulates in the tube leading from the bladder.

It may occur when a man discharges a small amount of urine post vacating their bladder. It may also occur when the muscles that encompass the urethra do not shrink perfectly and this stops the bladder from utterly vacating.

It is usual in older men because the muscles nearby the urethra, (also known as the lengthy tube in the penis which lets on urine move out of the body) do not compress as hard as they used to happen.

This leaves a small provision of urine at a dip in the urethra behind the penis base, and within a minute or after finishing it, this additional urine dribbles out.

However, they may be hesitant to seek medical assistance about this problem but it is to notice that post micturition dribble affects a large number of men and if this problem perseveres then it should be treated. Following incorporates the symptoms of Post Micturition Incontinence or after-dribble.

  • When you have difficulty in starting the urine's flow.
  • When you have strain to vacant the urinary bladder.
  • When you have a slow urine flow while emptying the urinary bladder.
  • When you feel the necessity to empty the urinary bladder.
  • When you get pain, discomfort, and burning during bladder are vacating.
  • When you get blood-stained urine.
  • When you have to get up one or more times for emptying the urinary bladder.
  • When you feel the change in your lifestyle because of obstacles with the bladder.

The most common cause of post-micturition dribble is usually caused by debilitating pelvic floor muscles which encircle the urethra. Listed below are the causes by which pelvic floor muscles may be weakened or debilitate.

1. A delicate bulbourethral muscle in men may cause the inner part of the urethra behind the scrotum to sag a little, by which urine will accumulate after urination and as an outcome of muscle movement, the urine is released.
2. There may be a dearth of support from muscles that belong to the urethra.
3. Operation of an enlarged prostate gland may be a cause of weakened pelvic floor muscle.
4. Constant straining to vacant the bowels, mainly when constipation occurs.
5. Incessant cough is also a reason behind it because, during cough, the abdominal muscles compress strongly and put pressure on the urinary bladder and pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles require compacting with every cough to stop leakage.
6. Obesity is one of the most important causes and may contribute to the pelvic floor muscle becoming impaired.
7. Pelvic floor muscle may be weakened due to neurological loss.
8. Consistent hefty weight lifting may affect the pelvic floor muscles.

In my opinion, there is an elementary technique which is listed below that will assist to handle after-dribble.

Elementary Technique: Behind your scrotum, you may make use of the fingertips of one hand and go ahead about an inch and gently press it upwards and keep this pressure constant.

Also, move your fingers towards the base of the penis from the bottom of the testicles. Keep repeating this twice or thrice. By doing so, it may pass the additional urine into the penis and you may then jerk out the rest few drops of urine. You may be capable to do this quickly with practice.


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