Bullying: Understanding and Mitigating its Effects [PODCAST]

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Bullying: Understanding and Mitigating its Effects

Trey Sumner is the lead facilitator of the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan’s Altogether Boys program. The program works with young men in middle school to help them develop a fuller version of what it means to be a man. Sumner talks about Altogether Boys and his involvement in an earlier Revealing Men segment. With a career that includes 25 years with the US Army and US National Guard, Sumner has seen how men’s ideas of masculinity and self-worth are formed through male socialization. In this conversation with Randy Flood, psychotherapist, and Director of the Men’s Resource Center, the two men discuss how the roles of bully, bystander, and victim are perpetuated in male culture and how to better understand and mitigate bullying’s mindless trickle-down effects. Each share personal stories of bullying and redemption. And, they reflect how changing their own inner dialogue allowed them to change how they interacted with others.

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