13 Things To Do When You Turn 50 Years Old

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Thinking of things to do when you turn 50 years old can be stressful and overwhelming due to uncertainties. But instead of worrying, know that there are tons of fun things to look forward to when you become a Quinquagenarian.

Check out this reassuring roundup of things to do when you turn 50 years old.

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13 Reassuring Things To Do When You Turn 50 Years Old

mature-senior-couple-sitting-on-bench Things To Do When You Turn 50 Years Old

1. Embracing Gratitude

Embracing Gratitude | things to do when you're 50


Turning 50 brings an intense connection to the feeling of thankfulness. The prior decades are often about building personal matters such as family, relationships, and career.

But, this age bracket is one can of fostering gratitude for life and all your professional and personal achievements throughout the years.

2. Gain Perspective

Gain Perspective | activities for 50 years old

Besides being able to step out of the rat race turning 50 comes with a broader change to your outlook on the world in general.

At 50, you're better placed to benefit from a bigger picture and insightful way of thinking based on what you have learned from years of failure and growth.

3. Get to Reminisce

Middle-aged-guy-with-trendy-eyeglasses | things to do when you turn 50 years old

At 50, you get to enjoy priceless and precious memories as you watch your children, and in lucky cases, your grandchildren navigate through life. You reminisce on your achievement, failures, and generally how far you have come in life and how strong you have been.


This fills your golden years with a much-needed sense of accomplishment and success.

4. Increased Self-Confidence

Increased Self-Confidence | things to do when you turn 50

You are likely to experience heightened confidence in your 50s. As a result, the increased confidence will lead to more psychological freedom, free time, and financial freedom.

For instance, a woman in her 50s saves more as she will not need to retouch her hair every two weeks to hide her greys.

5. Reinvention Through Your Past Experiences

Cropped-shot-of-bearded-man | things to do when you turn 50 years old

As you reach 50, you will find that your previous experiences and successes are more likely to lead to new creative pursuits. For instance, a person who has spent a lot of time working, interacting with, or learning about color or arts is more likely to find a new hobby and passion in painting.

Such new dimensions in one life tend to be expansive and foster a new sense of meaning and depth that is exciting and renewing.

6. Join a New Club

Join a New Club | activities for 50 years old

Well, turning 50 means you are eligible to join AARP. Still, it also means being eligible to join other less famous but exciting clubs and new life experiences you never thought of before.

A good example is the national games for seniors – a multi-sport event exclusively for adults in their 5os and above. Here, you will find sports like pickleball, archery, badminton, including running events.

Unlike marathons, where seniors are treated like babies by the youngsters, the running events are fierce and competitive but with friendly competitors.

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7. Enjoy and Thrive In Your Relationships

Man-and-woman-dating-in-cafe | things to do when you turn 50 years old

For married couples, hitting 50 means having a husband or wife who knows everything about you and sharing the journey with you.

Similarly, turning 50 also brings a sense of awe in the beauty of close friendships and relationships. With mortality glaring at you in the 50s, these relationships give you a sense of love and connection, and love is vital in this age.

8. Your Experiences Make You the Epitome of Wisdom

Your Experiences Make You the Epitome of Wisdom | Things To Do When You Turn 50 Years Old

With age comes knowledge and wisdom. This breeds clarity and confidence to trust in yourself, your choices, and advice. As a result, you stop caring about what other people say or think because you have enough trust in yourself and your abilities. This ultimately makes life easier.

9. Understand Yourself

Close-up-portrait-of-smiling-female | things to do when you turn 50 years old

At 50, you know everything about yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes well enough and unapologetically.

You know what you stand for, your values, and have learned how to align your behaviors and lifestyle. Such self-awareness only comes with age—in this case, five decades.

10. Understand Other People Better

Understand Other People | things to do in your 50s

With five decades of human interaction under your belt, you have seen all there is to see. As a result, you know how to better deal with people, including resolving conflict. In a nutshell, you have lived, seen, and learned and are now in a better position to understand other people.

11. Enjoy Your Financial Freedom

FINANCIAL-FREEDOM| things to do when you turn 50 years old

Having come this far where life matters are concerned, being in your 50s could mean finding most of life's financial struggles behind you. This is because you have likely accumulated a financial cushion to give you the freedom to pursue your interests.

If this is not the case for you, your 50s is an ideal time to start making progress. For instance, turning 50 could mean taking advantage of catch-up contributions to boost your retirement savings since you now have fewer responsibilities.

12. Saying No Becomes Easier

things to do when you turn 50 years old

Hitting the five-decade milestone means that you get to live life on your terms. This is regardless of whether the people around you are supportive or not. As a result, how and when to say no is clearer and easier.

Similarly, saying yes to things also becomes easier. With 50 comes a “why-not attitude.” Allowing yourself to live life on your terms is the best gift you can ever give to yourself.

13. Lesser Responsibilities and More Free Time

Happy-mature-woman-with-pet-dog-outdoors | things to do when you turn 50 years old

While the 40s may have meant school drop-off, younger kids, and other responsibilities, the 50s represent a break from most daily duties. The freedom that comes with this fifth decade leaves doors wide open for positive and exciting new beginnings.

Looking for other things to do when you turn 50 years old? Watch this video from Over 50 TV for tips on how to invest in yourself:

There you have it. Change isn't always a bad thing. There are many fun things to do when you turn 50 years old and time and reaching the fifth decade shouldn't be scary at all. In any case, the goal is to enjoy each day.

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