How to Burn Fat While Sleeping | 9 Stress-Free Ways to Burn Fat While Sleeping

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Do you know how to burn fat while sleeping? Did you even know it was possible? Continue reading to learn belly-busting habits and practices.

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How to Burn Fat While Sleeping

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1. Get a Good Night’s Rest

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Sleep plays a large role in our metabolism and hormones. In fact, sleep loss and poor sleep quality are now being linked to obesity.

In fact, one meta-review found that for every one hour less of sleep, your BMI might go up by 0.35 kg/m2. That means a person who is 178cm tall may get heavier by 1.4 kg.

A hormone that plays a pivotal role in sleep—melatonin—plays an equally large role in metabolism. While we rely on the moon and the sun to signal bedtime and waketime, our bodies rely on melatonin.

Recent research discovered that melatonin may also be important in:

  • regulating energy expenditure
  • fat oxidation
  • metabolism

Low levels of melatonin may also lead to insulin resistance, which may be linked to weight gain.

Sleep plays a bigger role in how healthy and unhealthy your body becomes.

A well-rested individual functions at the highest levels. On the other hand, sleep revengers may have health problems, difficulty concentrating, and could even face the risk of obesity.


As darkness and the nighttime is a precursor for the release of melatonin, make sure your bedroom is nice and dark.

2. Turn Down the (Night) Light

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A heavily lit bedroom may lead to an equally heavy waistline.

A 2014 study found that those that slept in lighter rooms had higher:

  • waist circumference
  • body weight
  • body mass index (BMI)

Other animal experiments suggest that light exposure may alter your metabolism, leading to an increase in fats and body mass even if you consume and burn the same amount of calories.

Sleeping in a dark room is just one of the items in a sleep hygiene checklist that contributes to good sleep.

Other sleep hygiene tips include:

  • having smaller meals at night
  • following a regular sleep schedule
  • avoiding the use of gadgets before bed
  • getting some exercise during the day

3. Hit the Protein

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Getting a protein boost could help you lose weight by increasing satiety and your resting energy expenditure.

The positive effects of having protein-rich foods during the daytime or before working out are well-documented.

But what about eating them at night?

It turns out you might still be better off having small, low-calorie meals at night. One study found that having protein at night may not have a positive effect on your morning appetite or your resting energy expenditure.

Enjoy a balanced meal in the morning, filling your plate with macros, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Keep it low-cal towards the end of the day. You'll need lesser calories to fuel you as bedtime approaches.

Do you want to know how to burn fat while sleeping? Eat well!

It's essential to understand that your lifestyle and proper nutrition are the keys to good health and weight loss.

4. Drink a Cup of Joe

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Yet another valid excuse to buy that espresso machine!

Like protein, the caffeine in your coffee may help increase your metabolic resting rate.

One study found that drinking 100mg of coffee may raise your metabolic rate by 3% – 4% over 150 minutes.

Another study found that coffee may increase the metabolic rate in obese individuals. In addition, it may also help those with a normal weight oxidize more fat.

And as a bonus, coffee virtually has no calories. (When taken plain, of course.)

But be careful with the timing of your coffee. The caffeine in your coffee may keep you up at night, taking away much-needed rest.

Your diet can help your burn fat while sleeping. Stick to low-calorie meals and foods and drinks that may help boost your metabolic rate.

5. Enjoy a Cup of Tea

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Coffee isn't your cup of tea? How about a cup of tea?

The catechins in green tea may boost your metabolic rate and fat oxidation. And as it contains both thermogenic caffeine and catechins, it may be far more effective than coffee as an antiobesity drink.

While green tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee beans, those that are sensitive to caffeine may still end up staying awake way past their bedtime.

If you're very sensitive to caffeine, have it during breakfast. If you've got a good tolerance, maybe you can survive a cup with your afternoon snack. And for those that are sensitive to caffeine and are the type to crave a hot beverage at night, a soothing tea like chamomile or lavender may help you sleep.

A warm glass of milk is also a popular pre-bedtime drink.

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6. Get On Your Feet

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It's no secret that exercise and an active lifestyle are key to losing weight. But for those that have never stepped foot in the gym (and have no plans to in the near future), get on your feet and get moving as much as possible.

A 30-minute brisk walking session could help you burn as many as 150 calories.

Get up and walk around every hour. Be conscious of how much you've been sitting or have been sedentary.

7. Add Spicy Foods to Your Meals

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Spicy food could add a delicious flavor and heat to your favorite dishes. And help you lose weight while you eat.

As spicy food singes your tongue, it could also help you burn fat while sleeping.

Spicy foods could help rev your metabolism, help your zap more calories, and blast fat. And capsaicin might help control your hunger, possibly helping you control your appetite throughout the day.

It turns out that what burns fat while you sleep may be the same compound that burns your tongue.

8. Stay Hydrated

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In addition to helping you feel fuller, water might also help you burn fat while sleeping.

One study found that 500mL of cold water (3° C) can increase energy expenditure by 2.9%. On the other hand, room temperature water could boost your energy expenditure by 2.3%.

Replacing your sugar-filled beverages with zero-calorie water may improve your diet and help you lose weight—and keep it off.

9. Introduce Yoga into Your Lifestyle

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Yoga is great for both body and mind.

A 2012 study found that yoga may help you lose and keep weight off by promoting smart and intuitive eating, allowing you to make smarter and healthier food choices.

Yoga is also a great form of meditation, stress relief, and exercise for all ages. And you don't need to go to the gym to do yoga!

Exercise during the day is also a great way to improve sleep quality and duration.

Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:
How to Burn Fat While Sleeping 9 Stress-Free Ways to Burn Fat While Sleeping

Check out this video for more tips and tricks on how to burn fat while sleeping:

If you want to learn how to burn fat while sleeping, evaluate your meal plates and lifestyle.

Some habits could help you burn some calories here and there. While they are no replacement for a healthy diet and exercise, a little bit of help doesn't hurt! And the best part is these are so easy, you can do them with your eyes closed!

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Do you have your own fat-blasting tips and tricks? Is there anything we missed out on? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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