How to Lose Face Fat in 10 Easy Ways

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There is no simple hack on how to lose face fat. It takes patience and dedication.

However, this article compiled the best techniques that would yield the best results.

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Different Ways On How to Lose Face Fat


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1. Lose Face Fat by Doing Facial Exercise

Young adult doing facial gymnastics self massage | What exercises slim your face

Do exercises for double chin really work? Aside from combating aging, double chin exercises could reduce facial fat.

Studies show that this type of physical routine helps tone facial muscles. This makes your face look slimmer.

Facial Exercise Routine:

  • Puff Your Cheeks – Push the air on your mouth from one side to another.
  • Pucker Your Lips – Do this by puckering your lips on both sides of your mouth.
  • Clench Your Teeth – Tighten your gum muscle for several seconds in succession.

Pro Tip: To make this exercise more effective, perform it twice every day for eight weeks. This will improve the rejuvenation of facial muscles.

2. Lose Face Fat by Doing Cardio Routine

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In most cases, excess bodily fat results in unwanted extra facial blubber. An effective way to counter this is by doing cardio exercises.

Cardio exercise help pump up your heart rate. In fact, it is considered one of the best ways to trim down body fat.

It is then highly recommended to get at least 100-300 minutes of steady to rapid exercise. You should do this for about 40 minutes every day every week.

Common Types of Cardio Exercise Routine:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Dancing

3. Lose Face Fat by Drinking Water

Dehydration After Workout. Blonde female with white towel on neck drinking mineral water from bottle | How can I slim my face in 3 days

You can never overstate the role of drinking water in losing face fat. People who have undergone water therapy attests to its effectiveness in losing weight.

Drinking a small amount of plain liquid after every meal is just enough. It helps decrease the number of calories that you consume after eating.

Experts agree that enough water intake even speeds up body metabolism. In effect, facial swelling is decreased due to the reduction of fluid in the body.

4. Lose Face Fat by Limiting Alcohol Consumption

Alone young woman in depression, drinking alcohol | What caused face fat

How do you get rid of a double chin fast? Then you need to cut down on your alcohol intake.

Research shows that excessive alcohol consumption contributes to facial bloating and fat accumulation. This is because alcohol is low in nutrients yet big in calorie content.

This is not to say that alcohol per se is bad. You just need to limit your intake to at least two drinks per day.

Note: The United States Dietary Guidelines say that drinking alcohol is fine if it’s moderate.

5. Lose Face Fat by Cutting Down on Carbs

obesity prevention, conscious eating | What caused face fat

What works best for a double chin? Go easy on your carb consumption.

When it comes to increasing fats in your body, nothing comes close to eating refined carbs. The most common type of food containing this are crackers, cookies, and pasta.

These goodies may taste awesome yet heavily processed. This means that they are high on calorie and sugar content but low on fiber and nutrients.

An excellent alternative to refined carbs is whole grains. Eating whole grains helps rev up weight loss ergo facial fat.

6. Lose Face Fat by Switching Sleep Schedule

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You may take sleep for granted but this often-overlooked activity is a great weight loss hack. Which, in effect also effective in trimming down facial fat.

Studies show, depriving your body of sleep can increase cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone.

This type of hormone comes with an alarming list of harmful side effects. Weight gain is number one.

High levels of cortisol result in increased appetite. So, at least you should sleep for eight hours every night.

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7. Lose Face Fat by Watching Sodium Intake

Maximum Daily Salt Intake In Ounces On Scale | How do I lose face fat and jawline | How to Lose Face Fat

One major side effect of excessive sodium intake is weight increase. And without saying, this contributes to facial bloating.

A simple explanation is sodium makes your body keep the excess liquid. Excessive water retention increases the chance of gaining weight.

The problem is processed foods nowadays are everywhere. Around 75% of a typical person’s diet is composed of sodium.

This includes chips, instant noodles, and processed meats. If you want to combat facial bloating, discard sodium in your daily menu.

8. Lose Face Fat by Eating More Fiber

Products rich in fiber. Healthy diet food | What exercises slim your face | How to Lose Face Fat

How long does it take to get rid of your double chin? Well, it depends on how disciplined your diet is.

A fiber-rich diet is a solid way to make your face slimmer. Fiber which is mainly found in plants is good for the body.

It stimulates better digestion removing unwanted fats. Nuts, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and seeds are high in fiber content.

9. Lose Face Fat by Sauna Bathing

Woman sweating in Finnish sauna | How do I lose face fat and jawline | How to Lose Face Fat

Sauna bathing is another effective method to lose weight. This works by removing replaceable liquid from your body.

Through excessive sweating, unwanted fluid and fats are flushed out from your system. In short, you counter fat build-up by controlled dehydration.

There are many ways you to do this. You can either go to a health spa or do it DIY by steam bathing in the comforts of your home.

10. Lose Face Fat by Facial Yoga

Gymnastics for the face | How to Lose Face Fat


Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:

How to Lose Face Fat in 10 Easy Ways

Compared to regular exercise, facial yoga is more thorough. It involves the stimulation of facial skin, muscles, and the lymphatic system.

This particular technique is geared towards the alleviation of facial muscle tension. Apart from this, it promotes well-being.

Feeling good reduces unnecessary stress. Stress reduction helps in toning down facial muscles.

Looking for more awesome weight loss videos? Check this superb post by DN. Beauty Natural: 

Mastering the art of how to lose face fat is a holistic process. It’s a combination of exercise, discipline, and mindset. By integrating all these elements, there is no reason why you wouldn’t achieve your goals.

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