9 Easy & Effective Double Chin Exercises

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Doubling down on double chin exercises? We have some moves and tricks that may help you trim the fat and the science that tells you how.

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Is It Possible to Target Double Chins? What Works Best for a Double Chin?


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What Is a Double Chin?

face line correction woman second chin | How do you get rid of a double chin fast?

A double chin is a thick layer of skin or fat that lays between your chin and your neck. By moving your head or by tucking it, you can reveal those pesky chins in your neck.

A double chin is not always a result of weight gain. Some people are born with a weaker chin and jawline, while some are naturally gifted with a sharp chin and jawline.

For those with naturally weaker chins, you might not benefit from double chin exercises. But, a cosmetic surgeon might have great options for you.

For those that grew their double chin over the years, continue reading.

How Do You Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast?

doctor cosmetologist checks skin elasticity on | How long does it take to get rid of your double chin?

Diet and exercise. That's the quick, science-backed answer.


Unless you have a meeting with a dermatology clinic or a surgeon, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help you build a stronger jaw.

When you gain weight, your body spreads the fat throughout your entire body. Some are more likely to gain weight around the face, while some may gain more fat around their belly.

In the same manner, your body burns fat in random parts of your body. Unfortunately, no evidence shows that you can target areas where you want to burn fat.

So far, the best way to lose double chins without undergoing a procedure is by losing total body fat.

However, there's no harm in exploring some other options like double chin exercises.

Double Chin Exercises

1. Straight Jaw Jut

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  1. Sit down and look up at the ceiling.
  2. Just your jaw upwards, bringing it closer to the ceiling. You should feel your jawline and neck stretch.
  3. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  4. Slacken your jaw and look forward.
  5. Repeat.

2. Neck Stretch

yoga | Do exercises for double chin really work?

  1. Roll your head back and face the ceiling.
  2. Flatten your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  3. Maintain the position for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Repeat.

3. Blow

man made mouth expression by blowing | How do you get rid of a double chin fast?

  1. Look up to the ceiling.
  2. Pucker your lips and blow lightly.
  3. Maintain this for 15-20 seconds.
  4. Repeat.

4. Head Rotation

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  1. Hold a neutral position, facing forward.
  2. Turn your head to the right.
  3. Face forward and relax.
  4. Turn your head to the left.
  5. Face forward and relax.
  6. Look up to the ceiling.
  7. Face forward and relax.
  8. Tuck your chin into your neck.
  9. Face forward.
  10. Repeat 5-10 times a day.

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5. Tongue Stretch

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  1. Keep your head in a neutral position.
  2. Stretch out your tongue, keeping it straight and pointing forward.
  3. Bring the tip of your tongue closer to your nose.
  4. Maintain the position for 10 seconds.
  5. Bring your tongue back in and relax.
  6. Repeat.

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6. Bottom Jaw Jut

businesswoman taking time out work relaxing | double chin exercises

  1. Look up to the ceiling.
  2. Face the right, still tilting your head backward.
  3. Jut your jaw forward. You should feel a stretch, especially at the left corner of your jaw.
  4. Maintain the position for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Relax and go back to a neutral position.
  6. Do the same with your left side.

7. Fish Lips

young woman stretches out her mouth | Do exercises for double chin really work?

  1. Suck in your cheeks.
  2. Pucker up your lips.
  3. Maintain the position for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Repeat.

8. Pucker Up

portrait beautiful woman puckering lips | How do you get rid of a double chin fast?

  1. Take a seat to make sure you remain stable.
  2. Look up to the ceiling.
  3. Pucker your lips, stretching them as much as you can. You should feel the area underneath your chin stretch.
  4. Hold the position for two seconds.
  5. Slacken your lips and look forward.
  6. Repeat.

9. Ball Exercise

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  1. Tuck a 10-inch ball between your neck and chin.
  2. Tuck your chin in further, pushing against the ball.
  3. Repeat 25 times each day.

For these double chin exercises, consider getting a chair. This exercise involves craning your neck, which could throw off your balance. If there is no chair available, hang on to a table or any fixed object.

Whenever you exercise, safety first!

Other Ways to Get Rid of Double Chins

facelift chin lower face using beauty | What works best for double chin?

Alongside these double chin exercises, there are other tricks you can do that may help keep a solo act on your chin.

Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:
9 Double Chin Exercises

Some procedures at the doctor's office may help sculpt your jawline even without a diet or exercise:

One clinical trial suggests that facial yoga may help keep the skin in your face firm. However, the evidence is limited.

Daily habits may also help keep your chin singular:

  • Facial massages may promote lymphatic drainage, and help your face—and chin—swell down.
  • Perform neck and jaw muscles when you can. Strengthening these muscles may lead to a stronger, more defined jawline.
  • Use facial massage tools like gua shas or facial massagers, which many users claim tighten their skin. Massage your skin in upward motions, fighting gravity and preventing your skin from sagging.
  • Massage your face as you apply your skincare. When you apply slippery creams and gels, throw in a massage as well. Dot the product on your face, then spread and massage in upwards motions.

Check out this instructional video on double chin exercises:

Followers and proponents of double chin exercises claim that these are the best ways to burn fat straight from your chin. However, again, no evidence suggests that you can burn fat in specific areas.

But when paired with a fat-burning diet and lifestyle, double chin exercises may lead to surprising results.

What are your favorite fat-burning tricks?

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What's your take on double chin exercises? Are you convinced, or are you sticking to a good ol' diet and exercise regimen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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