Coach Ben Bunn is a Men’s Health Guy [PODCAST]

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Coach Ben Bunn is a Men's Health Guy

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Right here in our backyard of Tampa, Florida (Ybor City to be exact), Patrick had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO and founder of Cigar City CrossFit Coach Benjamin Bunn. Coach Bunny, is one of the most fun interviews we have gotten to share with our audience since the inception of this podcast.

Coach Bunny is a retired Special Forces Green Beret, VP of Business Development and Sales for Bravo Sierra while also owning Cigar City CrossFit, he is the kind of high functioning individual we aspire to be as we wind down our experience in pharmacy school and fully transition into our entrepreneurial roles with Men's Health Unscripted.

Coach Bunny provides some great life experiences, thoughts on fitness and educates Patrick on CrossFit and how practicing functional movement can provide benefits throughout the stages of life. This was a lot of fun, we are grateful to have Coach Bunny in our community!

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