5 Thoughts on Turning 50 | How Does It Feel?

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What were your first thoughts on turning 50? Before you declare a mid-life crisis, here are some things you may need to hear.

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Of Milestones and Mid-Life Crises – My Thoughts on Turning 50

Do I Feel Different?

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This is what we ask people every year on their birthdays, “How does it feel now that you're so and so?” If I were turning 24 or 36, I wouldn't have given this cliche question that much thought. However, at this mid-life milestone in my life, the question does beg an answer.

But instead of asking if I feel different, I would like to change it to: should we feel different after turning 50?

No, I didn't feel any different than when I was 49-years old the previous day.

We are in a constant state of change.

Fifty revolutions around the sun would bring a wealth of experiences that could change our perspective, outlook on life, and even our dreams. I recognize that I am not the same person I was when I was in my 20s.

In my 50s, I am the product of my adventures in my 20s and the result of my mishaps in my 30s. In my 40s, I combined all my experiences to get my life on track and put into action all the things I decided in my 30s I wanted to do.

Me feeling different and being a changed person didn't come upon my fiftieth birthday. It was a constant progression throughout my life.

I never truly knew how to answer this question, but I understand why this is being asked. And especially in the second quarter of a person's life.

1. Contentment at 50 Years Old

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This is the age when the dread mid-life crisis sets in. As much as we'd like to drown out these thoughts upon turning 50, it's inevitable and completely normal. I would suggest self-reflection at any age.

When I turned 50, I looked back and thought to myself if I truly lived fifty years' worth of experience. Did I live the way I wanted to? Or did I live by someone else's code and standards?

As you grow in age or character, you realize what truly matters to you. For me, it's making myself and those around me happy. And I believe that this is what I set out to do throughout my life.

2. My Body Feels Different After Turning 50

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It's expected that my muscles and bones aren't the same as when I was in my 30s or 40s.

My workout routines have changed, exchanging power workouts for building balance and flexibility. Instead of bulking up, I work harder or maintaining muscle mass.

I take more supplements, and I recognize that I can no longer eat whatever I want to.

I pay more attention to pharmaceutical commercials on TV out of worry that I may need to know them someday.

While stairs leave me more breathless now, I am still healthy and happy today. And I bring this gratefulness with me everyday. Now that I am 50 years old, I may have a newfound zest for life.

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3. I Am My Utmost Self after Turning 50

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At my age, I've given myself a free pass from worrying about other peoples' standards of success and whether I measure up. I live my life the way I best see fit and make decisions based on what makes me happy. It's not selfishness – it's absolute freedom.

We can't compare success by comparing our lives to others. In the same way, we can't measure experience by age. Yes, most 50-year olds are more likely to carry more experience and knowledge under their belt, but is that the only measure of growth and experience?

With no restraints – that I have learned over the 50 revolutions around the sun that I attached myself – I am more liberated. Because I am liberated, I feel happier.

I have a list of priorities – my wife, kids, family, and friends. And if they are happy, I am abundantly happy. Anything outside of that, I don't feel the need to invest any feelings or thoughts on.

I wish I had known this in my 20s and 30s.

4. What It Means to Turn 50

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Now let's return to this age-old (or old age) adage. Whenever we turn a year older – and hopefully wiser – people always ask us, “How do you feel now that you're…?” Truthfully, does turning a year older need to have some profound meaning?

Whether it's the time for you to turn your life around, an era to look forward to, or even a chance to take a breath, it's all up to you.

Don't put too much weight on your age because age is just a number. But if you must spare thoughts on turning 50, let it be one of celebration. It's a milestone of a life well- if not fully- lived.

If, upon further reflection, you feel that there are things you would like to add to or tick off your bucket list, then treat this as your turning point. Dedicated your 50s to finally doing what you want to do.

If you're content with the life you've built, then continue to enjoy it through your 50s. Heck, you deserve it.

5. Final Thoughts on Turning 50 Years Old

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My thoughts are my own, and my journey of turning 50 is my own. You'll have your own experiences and come up with your own conclusions about what it means to turn 50.

Don't fret too much about turning the big five-o. The truth is, you don't have to feel different after turning 50.

For some, the most novel thing about turning 50 is the wrinkles and the back pain in the morning.

Remember this viral interview of Keanu Reeves about his thoughts on turning 50? Watch it and be inspired:

More than finding some profound meaning about turning 50, we should focus on making each day the best day of our lives. Whether we're turning 10, 50, or 60 years old the next day, let's live each day to the fullest. And that's what I realized after turning 50.

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What are your own thoughts on turning fifty? Is it a cause for celebration, or is it just another day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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