Turning 50 | An Honest Talk About What to Expect

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Turning 50 is a bigger deal than what most men could expect. Life as you know it, changes, and you go through that without realizing what's going on. While you might not be accustomed of talking about things that you are going through, here are some heads-up of what you can expect when you hit 50.

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The A to Z of What to Expect When Turning 50

What is Midlife Crisis

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As men, we are brought up and taught to do things for other people. For instance, work for a company, marry, have children and provide for them. Therefore, throughout life, we become inclined to fulfilling societal prescribed roles, most of which we think we are doing for ourselves but that's not the case.

As a result, upon turning 50, you start looking into your life, and you feel like nothing you did counts or matters. It feels like one switch in your life has been turned off, and another one turned one. In other words, it is a complete 180-degrees turn in your life that manifests in a vast feeling of emptiness.

Living for half a century is not a joke. Not so long ago in history, people were not making it to 50 years. The majority of the population was dead by the time they got to 50 years. Only the elite and wealthy lived past 50 because they weren't getting ground down into the dirt.

Before the Ford manufacturing company, when Henry Ford was the first to set a solid 40-hour workweek, people would work for 70 to a hundred hours a week. People back then worked like slaves. It is only in recent history and with the advancements in modern medicines that we are now living beyond 50 years.

Therefore, in a bid to understand the emptiness you feel, you start to process all the up and downs you have been through in life. Your wins and loses over the years.

What stands out or permeates from the emptiness inside is all the things you did not accomplish in your younger years. This is where the term midlife crisis comes in. Women in some way also go through midlife crisis only that in women, you call it female menopause.

Midlife Crisis Manifestation

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Here you will start seeing other men buying all the toys they didn't have as kids. For instance, you will some buy off motocross bikes like the Harley Davidson and motor jackets and ride off to the deserts and canyons. Others will divorce their older wives and leave their families behind to bounce off from place to place looking for younger suitors.

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How to Deal With Midlife Crisis after Turning 50

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If you are privileged enough to mark out your working hours, you can use that extra free time to focus on yourself and process everything in your life. That is the wins, loses, and lessons. Even without much free time, this is something you can make time for.

During this time, make a point of honoring every aspect of your life. Honor the successes in your life, celebrate the losses, the happiness, and the hurt.

Essentially, acknowledge every positive and negative experience that has had an impact on your life thus far. Thank the people that have impacted your life, whether positively or negatively. The goal is to be able to process every experience that happened to you.

As a result, you will experience untold peace. You will experience an almost overwhelming feeling of accomplishment which even allows you to take stock of your life and acknowledge great life has been – most of us still own businesses, are still married, have significant responsibilities. Remember that this sense of accomplishment will only come after you have fulfilled all the things you missed out on when younger.

Therefore, the bottom line is that if you feel like you need to do something you missed out on in your earlier years, then do. It would be best if you didn't hold back on living a wholesome life because of society's stereotypes.


  • Do not compare yourself to other men. Focus on your accomplishments because you do not know the conditions in which other men achieved their accomplishments. Everybody has their journey in life.
  • Married women should support their husbands as they attempt to finish up on pending matters in their lives.

Watch this video by TEDx Talks on picture yourself turning fifty | Ian McCausland | TEDxWinnipeg:

If it takes revisiting a specific time in your life to feel accomplished, then do it by all means. As men, we cover a lot of ground throughout our lives. Therefore, we need to respect, appreciate, and give credit to ourselves.

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