Coming to Terms With Turning 50

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Are you coming to terms with turning 50? Or is it still tough to say it out loud? Age is just a number, but it could be hard to see on a birthday cake.

So what do you do when the clock keeps ticking?

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Coming to Terms with Turning 50 | How to Live Your Golden Years with Grace

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1. Mull Over Your Thoughts

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Organize your thoughts on turning 50—are there any?

Some people feel different after turning 50, but many don't. Do you have to feel different after your 49th birthday? While it is a tremendous milestone to turn the big five-o, you don't have to become a different person.

You're just you, but now certifiably wiser with a solid 50 years of experience.

Have a conversation with your friends and share your feelings and concerns about turning 50. Having a support group could help you come to terms with turning 50. And even see it in a more positive light.

Simply understanding that you're not going through it alone may help lighten the load.

2. Understand That Age Is a Mindset

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Age is just a number. There. We said it.


Humans have a way of organizing things, assigning labels, and designating roles and limitations.

You should do this in your 20s, have this in your 30s, and be this in your 40s. How about in your 50s, you just accept who you are and enjoy your life?

It's so ingrained in our minds that we never stopped to consider—does anyone care?

As cliche as it sounds, you are as young as think. It's time for a paradigm shift.

Age is just a number. Truly. Understanding this is a significant part of coming to terms with turning 50.

So are 20, 30, 40, and 50. Don't put too much stock on the number, and just live your life the way you please.

3. List Down All Your Accomplishments

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Look back at all you've achieved up until now.

You've spent 50 years of your life well, and there's still so much more you can do. You started a family, maintained healthy friendships, and worked hard at your job. That's plenty of reason to celebrate!

Also, consider all the pitfalls and obstacles you encountered in your life. Then think about how you overcame them and came out stronger. You have come this far.

But if your list looks empty and lackluster, it's never too late to start up a new bucket list.

4. Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate!

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Throw a birthday bash!

Invite all the friends you want to spend the rest of your life with. Leave behind all the forced acquaintances and social circles you thought you should be involved with.

You're in your golden years! Celebrate it with the people that have helped you come this far.

5. Grow Your Hair Out

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Aging gracefully and coming to terms with turning 50 involves accepting the changes that come with it. And this may include allowing some white roots to show.

It's a mark of age and wisdom. You are now the silver version of yourself.

Better yet, have fun with it and play with the color! Bring out the silver shampoo and grow brilliant, platinum locks.

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6. Embrace Your Body

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Those aren't scars. They're marks of your history.

No, your body doesn't look like it did in your 20s. That's because you've had children, surgery, and maybe some spills.

Don't regret any scarring or loose skin on your body. Instead, focus on the stories behind them and how the accumulation of all those led to who you are now.

However, if you'd rather not see them, there are cosmetic options to remove their appearance.

7. Embrace Yourself

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You've done plenty over the years. You're done pleasing others. It's high time to be your unapologetic self!

Permit yourself to be selfish (just a little bit). Do what you want even the things you couldn't do in your 40s because your silly self thought you were too old for that.

Rekindle old passions and revisit beloved hobbies.

8. Treat Your Body Right

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Another reality check in your 50s? This isn't a time to get lazy about your health.

It's you get serious about doctor's appointments, healthy diets, and regular exercise.

Just your age puts you at higher risk of some age-related conditions. And all your bad habits from your childhood years up to now will begin catching up to you.

Being healthier also enables empowers you to do more. Even the things you thought you could never do—the things you didn't think someone like you could accomplish.

Go hiking. Take a fat tire bike through the mountains! Take up water sports while you're at it.

9. Stop Counting the Decades

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Coming to terms with turning 50? Didn't you have the same issues about turning 20? 30? 40?

Maybe it needs to end in your 50s.

Coming to terms with turning 50 is not just about accepting the white hairs and your changing body. It's about accepting who you are right now regardless of your age. Because your age doesn't have a say about what you can and can't do.

Watch this video from TrueTrae to know more about what happens when you turn 50:

Ultimately, it's about realizing that the worries are all in your head. And you're just as amazing as you were in your 40s and will be just as great in your 60s!

What do you enjoy most about turning 50?

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Are you coming to terms with turning 50? Or are you still looking to delay your birthday party? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! We'd love to hear from you.

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