Why The Loss of a Wedding Ring Can Be a Heartbreaker

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Losing a wedding ring isn't something to laugh about. It holds so much significance that losing it can bring sadness and guilt; it can even make you believe in superstitions.

Read on to find out why losing a wedding band can be devastating and what you can do to retrieve it.

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Lost Wedding Ring | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Is a Wedding Ring Important?

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Your wedding ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It symbolizes your love and devotion to your husband or wife and serves as a shield from any unwanted attention.

During a wedding ceremony, you exchange vows with your partner and your ring represents these promises. Your marriage is sacred and so are your vows. You have to take these words seriously.

When you wear your wedding ring, it conveys a message that you are already committed to someone. It serves as a trigger for you to think twice about doing something that would hurt your partner. It helps you to avoid infidelity, which is one of the major factors to divorce.

Your wedding ring also acts as a reminder of your respect for your partner. You get to realize that all your actions and decisions now affect not only you but your significant other as well.

In addition, wearing your wedding ring sets a good example for your children. It gives them the impression that you have a happy and healthy relationship. It also lets them have a healthy perspective on marriage and makes them realize its importance.

2. What Does It Mean When You Lose Your Wedding Ring?

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When you lose your ring, it feels like you lose a part of yourself as well. Due to the emotional attachment you have with it, sorrow and worry can arise. It can feel as if the dreams and memories that go with that wedding band are also gone.

There are also superstitions surrounding a lost ring. It's believed that a wedding ring gives you signs throughout your married life and that losing it brings bad luck. It indicates that misfortune will happen.


Another lost wedding ring superstition is that you also get to lose your courage and wisdom along with the lost jewelry.

For wives who've lost their wedding band, it's said that you can still prevent the omen. Ask your partner to replace your lost ring as soon as possible.

3. Is It Common to Lose Your Wedding Ring?

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Losing a ring is a pretty common scenario. According to a survey, four out of 10 gentlemen in the US are likely to lose their wedding bands. Keep in mind that this is only applicable to husbands, not including wives.

A lot of men lose their ring during the first few years of their marriage. One of the top reasons is when they do physical activities such as gym or water sports.

When a husband loses his wedding ring, it's typically an embarrassment. Usually, they would replace their ring before their loved one notices it.

On the other hand, when a wife loses hers, she's humiliated and afraid. Women are concerned with the wedding ring's monetary value. They also find it hard to replace it due to its sentimental value.

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4. Are Wedding Rings Covered By Insurance?

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Yes, pieces of jewelry are under the renters and homeowners policies. This type of insurance covers the value of your items at home.

You can take photos of your ring and have it insured. Purchase an extension to your policy, indicating your wedding ring, so that the coverage would be more comprehensive.

However, keep in mind that there is a coverage limit for jewelry. With the high cost of your ring, your policy might not be able to meet its value.

Also, if you don't have existing renters or homeowners policy, you may avail of separate insurance, particularly for your wedding rings. Ask your trusted local jeweler as he might recommend an insurer.

You might need to get an appraisal for your wedding ring as well. The store where you bought your wedding ring generally provides one. However, if it's been a long time since you bought your ring, you might need to go to an independent appraiser.

There are several factors that you should consider when it comes to your wedding ring insurance. Be sure that it's covered in the event of a physical loss. Determine how the provider will be able to replace your wedding ring, too.

Check how they'll assess your ring's value. Will they consider your wedding ring's current appraised value or its original selling price?

Be ready with all the documentation needed so that they'll be readily available once you'll claim. Normally, this includes appraisals, receipts, and pictures.

Remember that the value of jewelry changes frequently. Have your wedding ring appraised every two to three years. This will also reassure you that your policy can still cover the value of your wedding ring.

5. What Do You Do if You Lose Your Wedding Ring?

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Before you panic, there are steps you can take to help you find your way, hopefully, to your ring.

Think about the last time you felt your wedding ring around your finger. This is where you should start your search.

If you lost your wedding ring in your house, look at every corner of your room. Use a flashlight and check under your furniture. You can also request the help of your friends to serve as extra pair of eyes in looking for your ring.

However, if you lost it in public, you have to retrace your steps. Once you've determined the location, call in the experts.

If you dropped your ring down to your sink, call a plumber. If it fell into the sand, ask for help from the resort staff. Otherwise, file an insurance claim within 24 hours even if you're still searching for your lost ring.

If you've decided to replace it, call your jeweler to confirm if they still have a ring with exactly the same design. Or else, maybe they can recreate another one at a discounted price.

Many people lose their wedding rings — during a honeymoon, on an adventure, or while doing household chores. Watch this video by BuzzFeedVideo as couples explain what happened to their wedding ring:

Your wedding ring is your symbol of love and commitment to your partner. If you've lost your ring, take a deep breath and do the necessary steps to find it.

However, keep in mind that your marriage is more important than the wedding band that symbolizes your union.

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