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Having an organized home gym makes working out more inviting. These DIY dumbbell rack plans can reduce the clutter of scattered weights from your personal space and can be an excellent weekend woodworking project.

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10 DIY Dumbbell Rack Plans for a Clutter-Free Gym

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1. Wall-Mounted DIY Dumbbell Rack

closeup-row-metal-dumbbells-on-rack | Vertical dumbbell rack plan

This wall-mounted DIY dumbbell rack plan should suit your needs for those of you with limited space. It's a simple, minimalist design that looks great with any decorating style.

Weights aren't the only thing you can hang on here – it can even double as a wine bottle rack.

2. Tree Rack

Step outside the box with a tree-shaped dumbbell rack. This project uses scrap wood to create a visually appealing, functional, and beautiful piece.

3. Dumbbell and Plate Rack

dumbbell-iron-plates-black-white | Dumbbell rack diy

This dumbbell and plate rack combination should keep your weights organized without taking up too much gym real estate. Now your gym can go from cluttered to clutter-free.

4. Dumbbell Table Rack

silver-dumbbell-fitness | Weight rack

For something more multi-functional, why not build this rack? This rack is a storage space for your equipment and a table to put anything on. The Dumbbell Table Rack is sturdy enough to hold both your weights and anything else you put on top without things falling over.

5. 4-Tier Rack

close-old-chrome-dumbbell-set-rack | Weight stand


Look how beautiful this 4-tier dumbbell rack looks! Not only does it take little space, but it's also easy to build once you have the tools you need on hand.

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6. Metal Dumbbell Rack

close-picture-steel-dumbbells-black-rubber | Diy dumbbell weight rack

If you prefer the look of brushed metal over wood, this rack is for you. This project can put your welding and metalworking skills to the test, but the result is worth it in the end.

7. Budget-Friendly Dumbbell Rack

Your DIY dumbbell rack need not be expensive. With some cheap (or even scrap) wood and some simple tools, you can build an entire dumbbell rack for only a few dollars.

8. Large Dumbbell Rack

dumbells-rack-gym | Diy dumbbell rack plans

Have a lot of weight in your home gym? This rack is for you.

Depending on the weight of your dumbbells, this rack can hold as many as 12 pairs without breaking a sweat.

9. Unique Wooden Rack

The industrial look is all the rage in the DIY world. So if you want to add something beautiful to your home gym, consider building this DIY dumbbell rack plan and create a one-stop-shop for all your exercise gear.

10. Wooden Plate Rack

Here's an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:
10 DIY Dumbbell Rack Plans

If barbells are more your thing, try building this nice barbell plate rack and store all your weights in an orderly fashion. Due to the nature of this design, it can hold a ton of weights in a compact amount of space.

Watch this video from Garage Gear Reviews for other dumbbell rack plans and ways to improve your home gym:

There's one DIY dumbbell rack for every type of home gym (or lack of it). Free weights lying around not only clutter up your space but also create a safety hazard for you and other people using your home gym.

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