21 “Healthy Foods” Making YOU Fat and Killing your Testosterone [PODCAST]

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Healthy Foods Making YOU Fat and Killing your Testosterone

To the men who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond, this episode is especially dedicated to you! Listen up as Funk debunks the myth about the “healthy foods” that are HOT in the market right now because of their promised “benefits” to people who are trying to lose weight and fats. Find out what makes these “healthy foods” NOT the ideal go-to diet for men who want to build muscles and shred their excess fats. He came up with his top 21 hot items that are definitely to watch out for and the safer, healthier alternatives to try instead!

“Focusing on whole, unprocessed foods rather than convenient, packaged foods are always healthier — no matter your dietary preferences.” — Funk Roberts

In This Episode:

– Learn how the 21 “healthy foods” can affect men’s body weight and testosterone levels.

– Discover the recipe for a healthy Metabolism Boosting Fat Burning Blueberry Smoothie which is the perfect meal to jumpstart your energy throughout the day.

– Understand the components of a packaged “healthy food” and how they fall short of the “real foods”!

– The list of condiments that are ever-present in your meals and why you need to limit your intake if you want to lose weight.

– Discover the truth about diet sodas and sports drinks and how to measure the right protein to sugar ratio for your protein bars.

– What’s in your salad? Take inspiration from the Shred salad bowl.

– Find out what makes Sushi healthy or unhealthy and the perfect time to drink coconut water.


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