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Valentine sex should be twice as special. It's a day you can dedicate to exploring each other on another level.

For partners that have allowed the sexual tension to dwindle, it's time to change things up.

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Valentine Sex Tips You Can Use Every Day of the Year

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1. Understand the Female Anatomy

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Don't be like a soldier without a gun. Before Valentine's Day, take some time to understand what you're dealing with.

Read up about the clitoris and the vagina and what it takes to stimulate it.

The clitoris consists of different parts that surround the female anatomy. Knowing their location will help you will help inform your moves and positions.

And by knowing how to properly stimulate them, you work smart not hard.

Did you know that you can turn her on just by gently tapping the clitoris or circling it lightly? There's more to valentine sex than pumping away.

2. Invest in Real Estate

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Home may be where the heart is, but maybe not the romance.


Book a hotel away from the kids and the chores. Take Valentine's Day and make it a stay-cation weekend.

Getting away will get rid of all the distractions and allow you to focus on yourselves. It will also keep you from being reminded of things that stress you out.

The bills and the laundry can wait until after Valentine's Day.

Hire a babysitter to watch the kids and the house overnight and make all necessary preparations. This should be a relaxing weekend for both of you.

By staying in a hotel, you won't have to worry about cleaning up after either.

3. Music Matters

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Create a more romantic atmosphere by playing some soft jazz or slow and sensual music.

This may help drown out sounds from outside and set the mood to get you in the right headspace.

Again it pays to be in an environment that's free of distraction.

4. Ask Your Valentine About Her Sex Fantasies

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We all have our own sexual fantasies.

It may include bondage or being tied up, power and control, or rough sex. It could even include having intercourse at certain locations like in the shower, kitchen, or even at the beach.

This is powerful mental stimulation that can set the mood and turn her on even without touch.

Discuss with your partner the sexual fantasies that you have and decide on the one you're both comfortable with.

Be careful not to push ideas onto her as some ideas may be uncomfortable for her.

On the other hand, you may find that you both share the same fantasy but have been too embarrassed to discuss it with each other.

If your routines are beginning to feel repetitive and monotonous (even predictable), then this is a good time to explore different kinks.

You don't have to toss the handbook, this tip is all about adding another page.

Variety is the spice of life and this will only make things hotter for both of you.

Don't forget the most popular of them all – role-playing.

5. Valentine Sex Role Play

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Don on a dashing suit and pick her up at the hotel. Pretend that you have never met each other before this night and initiate a fling with her just on Valentine's Day.

Role-playing is acting out scenarios that could involve different characters or different locations. You'll assume different characters and pretend to be two completely different people.

You could be the boss and her the submissive secretary – or the other way around. You could be the doctor and her the patient.

Or even more popular – you could play cops and robbers and make use of handcuffs to up the ante. This could also play into bondage.

Situations in role-playing could arise from the desire to be dominated and of authority.

After working hard as a corporate leader, it may be mentally stimulating not to have to make decisions and even be told what to do for a change.

Role-playing has a lot to do with trust as most scenarios may leave one in a more vulnerable state.

Make sure to stick to the script, but make some space for spontaneity. And nothing is more spontaneous than going from hot to cold.

6. Make It Hot (or Cold)

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Send a shiver down her spine.

Temperature play can include ice cubes, wax, or even heated lube (more on this later).

Leave a dildo in the freezer for five minutes or submerge in hot water for a minute. Before using it on her, make sure to touch it against your wrist to make sure it's not too hot or cold.

Also, keep in mind that metal objects maintain their temperature for longer. So if you have the option, opt for metal when choosing your weapon.

7. Buy Your Valentine Lingerie (or Something Sexy) for Sex

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This one could be more for you than her.

Buy her lingerie, lace panties, or a shade of lipstick you want to see smeared across her face. It could be whatever object you find thrilling, sexy, and novel.

Bringing something new to the table could help spice things up in the bedroom and could be great valentine sex.

8. Sex Toys

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It's not there to replace you, it's there to help you.

Sex toys can enhance sexual satisfaction and may even help you achieve new levels of pleasure. They're designed to consistently hit the right spots at the right speed 100% of the time.

You can use these to bring your stimulate your partner simultaneously in different erogenous zones.

This can also lengthen sexy time so that you can enjoy each other for longer.

Use them as foreplay even before you get to the bedroom to help Valentine's Day start strong.

9. Take a Tantric Sex Class With Your Valentine

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Give a new meaning to heavy breathing in the bedroom.

Tantric sex comes from ancient Hindu practices that include different poses meant to build a deeper connection between two partners.

You'll both each learn more about your bodies, what makes them tick, and even what it desires. The objective of tantric sex isn't orgasm, but learning how to satisfy your body together.

It's novel, intimate, and spontaneous and will help you develop a deeper connection and intimacy with each other. This could enhance your sexual experiences even after Valentine's Day.

10. Lubrication

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Be prepared with lubricant to make the experience more comfortable for your partner.

Not all women produce plenty of sexual fluids during valentine sex or intercourse in general. This is important since it may be painful for her if not properly lubricated.

Women that are perimenopausal or menopausal may also experience sexual dryness, so be sure to have this handy.

If you'll be having protected sex with a condom, use water-soluble lubricants instead. Non-water-soluble lubricants may negatively affect materials like latex, which is the primary ingredient for condoms.

It's also possible to heat up your lubricant to introduce temperature play into the mix. Dip the bottle of lubricant into a warm bowl of water for a few minutes.

The lubricant combined with temperature could bring a completely different sensation for both of you.

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11. Sex Starts With Dinner With Your Valentine

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Wine her and dine her so you can cap the day off with a bang.

From the moment you pick her up, make her feel wanted or desirable. Think of it as a sort of foreplay to set the tone for the rest of the day.

It's difficult to go from zero to 100, so it's helpful to lay the groundwork before you speed off into the sunset.

Hold her hand throughout the day while whispering sweet nothings to her ear. Play with her hair then rest your hands on her waist or the small of her back while you take a walk together.

Constant touch could create an intimate connection and later on build to heavy petting in the car.

For many women, the idea of being desirable could activate a mental orgasm to which her body then responds. And will reward you later on.

12.  Bring Dessert Home

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Order pudding, whipped cream, and ice cream from the restaurant and take dessert to go.

This is another form of foreplay that will build intimacy as you go on and leave you wanting to come back for seconds.

It involves copious amounts of touch and licking, the tension from which will result in steamy sex.

Spray some of your favorite whip cream over her erogenous zones or more sensitive areas. Getting it off of her will be pleasurable for both of you on so many levels.

13. Watch Porn Together With Your Valentine Before Sex

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Netflix and chill?

It may be a bonding moment for you and you could learn about each other by seeing what the other responds to. Whatever you liked on screen, you can reenact in real life.

Take it as an opportunity to gather more ideas for later on.

14. Keep Your Clothes On

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Distance makes the heart go fonder. A fabric barrier will help build and prolong the tension and build intimacy.

Once things really get heated and heavy petting is no longer sufficient, it will make the next step much more rewarding.

15. Communicate With Your Valentine During Sex

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It's key to have a proper talk before the body talk.

There are two goals in maintaining communication with your partner during valentine sex.

The first is to make sure she's comfortable especially if you're trying out new kinks or toys that are novel to both of you.

The second is to make sure that she's enjoying whatever you're doing.

Check if she's okay with your technique, speed, and pressure. If not, time to adjust and reevaluate.

Also, be sensitive to what she's not saying. Observe her bodily reactions when you try something new.

Soon enough you'll be able to read her body language well and you can pinpoint what works and what doesn't.

16. Learn Her Spots

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Every woman has different erogenous zones and sensitive areas. It could be the base of her neck or her toes that sets her off.

Ask her about her spots and focus on those during foreplay to turn her on and during intercourse to maintain the heat and momentum.

The vagina isn't the only organ where a woman could feel sexual pleasure. Explore her body well if she's not too familiar with it.

Try out different things and discover what brings her pleasure together.

17. Take It Slow

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Enjoy the journey rather than rushing to the destination. It's not a race.

It may take your partner longer to get turned on before she's lubricated enough for penetration.

Be patient when pleasuring her and enjoy every moment with her. Take turns playing with each other and satisfying each other.

Don't skip building the connection and intimacy. Sex isn't just about penetration as it also includes intimacy and foreplay.

18. Praise Your Valentine During Sex

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Conversely, talking dirty to her may work just as well.

Complimenting her and praising her during valentine sex will mentally stimulate her and help maintain the intimate atmosphere.

Get her in the right headspace to complement the sexual sensations. With simultaneous stimulation, you're giving her a night to remember.

The feeling of being desired either romantically or sexually can also provide a sort of mental orgasm for her and for you.

Begin your sentences with “sweetheart” and end them with “love.” Calling her beautiful will also help boost her confidence and drive her to be bolder and more open to trying new things.

It could also be a gentle way to make a request that you've been too shy to ask. Open with “I love you and you make me feel good, but can we try…”

She'll be more open to suggestions and this could lead to more sexual adventures for the both of you.

19. Bump and Grind

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The vulva is the outer part of the vagina, consisting of the labia and the clitoris.

A study found that women are more aroused through the vulva than the vagina.

Use a vibrator to stimulate her vulva and clitoris. Heavy petting followed by dry humping will also help increase her arousal levels.

20. Experiment With Different Positions

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The missionary position is considered a classic, but even the classics are characterized by being old.

Yes, returning to the same old positions could get old and could result in a stagnating sexual encounter.

If she's on top, try the cowgirl position where she straddles you. This could also be a chance for her to arouse herself with your member while you enjoy the view from below.

The doggy style may help give you a better angle to hit her G-spot or the spot in the vagina that gives her the most pleasure.

If the missionary is the most comfortable position for you, then try adding a pillow underneath her hips.

This will make the entrance of her vagina more accessible and comfortable for you, and it will be easier for you to angle yourself.

Being on top or on the bottom can also play into fantasies of domineering/submissive, power/control, or rough valentine sex.

You can tie your partners' hands together as you try different positions to add another dimension to the pose.

21. Valentine Sex Aftercare

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It's still love after all. Run her a warm bath and hold her in your arms.

Sexual intercourse (especially if you applied all these valentine sex tips) could be physically taxing and maybe even slightly painful on some occasions.

A peck on the cheek will keep the atmosphere romantic and amorous. It will remind you what brought you here to this point in the first place.

Allow that emotion to settle and show your love in a different way.

The romance and intimacy should continue even after sex. Make sure she's okay, get her cleaned up, and compliment her for a (hand) job well done.

Sex isn't rocket science, but there are many things we can take into consideration to make the best of it all the time – most of all on Valentine's Day.

The key takeaway is to communicate your desires and feedback to each other. Tell each other what you want to try before Valentine's Day.

Express to each other how much you love the other on your dinner date. Then show her much you love her in bed.

Finally, show your appreciation and how much you care for her after intercourse.

Watch this video from CBS Los Angeles for their take on valentine sex and how to spice up that special day:

With a ton of chemistry and perhaps even a bit of physics, you can have valentine sex that's one for the textbooks.

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